Context Influences Decisions

Behaviours surrounding choice, risk, who we trust, and even our habits are heavily influenced by the context in which those behaviours occur.

Financial decisions, work habits, and consumption decisions are all influenced by the choice environment in which they are made making insight gathered about that choice environment integral to providing more effective solutions for customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Often referred to as intuitive thought processes, research and insights gained from thousands of experiments run around the globe can be used to identify the factors preventing desired behaviours from occurring and improve engagement rates and ultimately performance.

As context, in particular the culture within which decisions take place vary, co-creating interventions combing behavioural science research with business development, product, employee engagement teams delivers best results.

Consulting Services

Combining research, creativity tools, design thinking and strategic consultancy we co-create, execute and test powerful interventions with delivery teams and customers. This approach is recommended for strategic behavioral changes.

Using appropriate research tools (ethnography, in-person interviews, online quantitative surveys, etc.) we build an understanding of the context and challenges facing an environment, before creating a solution. This service identifies barriers to the adoption of the desired behavior in your target audience. This is the foundation necessary for powerful behavioural change strategies.

Business Development

Develop and optimize internal and external communications and customer experiences in order to make them more engaging, action oriented and engineered towards the desired behaviors, improving customer acquisition and retention.


Integrate the principles of Behavioural Science at the early stages of development of a new product or service, in order to maximize the chances of success in creating new habits and customer engagement. Or enhance user experiences by designing more precisely for desired behaviours.

Employee Engagement

Enhance recruitment and retention practices while improving the effectiveness of learning & development programs by designing optimal psychological and physical environments that foster trust and accountability.

Productivity & Innovation

Improve individual employee efficiency and productivity by promoting collaboration, sharing and other behaviors that drive innovation.

Training & Workshops

Designed for groups of up to 30 and run for a single company. Over one to two days we’ll equip your team with enough to embed the rigour of behavioural science into marketing campaigns, product design, and employee experiences. Our workshops are more than theory, we work through real problems and develop real solutions that participants will deploy on their return.

Design Thinking

Equip participants with  tools to better understand the humans they are buildings products for, as well as a proven methodology to rapidly create and test ideas.

Behavioural Design

Equip participants with an understanding of key mental shortcuts that influence an array of relevant decisions and provide training on how to design for them, especially useful for Product, UX, and Marketing Teams.

Persuasive Presentations

Persuading an audience to trust and act on a presentation is tough. We equip presenters with engaging tools for the design and delivery of presentations, this program combines our considerable experience and evidence from the field of behavioural science.

Speaking Engagements

Whether for inspiration, an introduction to the field, or a more technical presentation on the application of behaviour science in your organization, we are excited to speak at your function.

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