Experience Design

Great experiences are intuitive 

Design for the customers you want. Our approach brings rigour to the understanding of how and why desicions are made. Using behavioural and neuroscience techniques to paint a vivid picture of target customers are, our approach drives conversion, engagement, and loyalty.

Our Three-Step Approach

As-Is Journey Mapping

How and why a person makes a decision and experiences using it is the first step to reducing the cognitive load of your solution.

It is this that’s often responsible for decision abandoment, weak engagement, and poor loyalty.

By carefully paying attention to emotions and heuristics, and otherpersonal details we create what we term a vivid persona, clear enough that anyone can understand who they are.

Design Interventions

We make decisions when we’re motivated, are able (have the money or time), and are triggered, applications of this approach are called persuasive design.

Once we identify your target customers (or employees) and the right moments of truth, we design a series of interventions using design thinking approaches in collaboration with your teams. 

While these designs are rigorous, they are still based on theory, real-world applications need to be tested.

Iterate, Deploy, and Scale

Once a tested intervention has given a proven result, we collaborate further by creating new product and marketing features to continue growing success.

We also work with your product and engineering teams to ensure the necessary technology is in place to ensure the customer and employee experiences can continue to improve.